Harry Potter Birthday Party

July 28, 2021 @ 3:30PM — 7:00PM Central Time (US & Canada)

Our Harry Potter Birthday Party is back and better than ever. Get your tickets before we sell out. We encourage costumes and if you would like to be a guest volunteer or cosplayer, let us know.

Harry Potter Birthday Party image

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Ticket Details

Join us for Harry Potter's Birthday Party. July 28th!

VIP tickets include a letter from Hogwarts, a special Herbology class, Hogs' Head Hot Dog meal, early access to the event (3:30-5), and everything in general admission.

General admission tickets gain entry at 5:00 pm. The event will include house sorting, potions class, wand selection, Defense Against the Dark Arts practice, participation in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Free Dobby game, Divinations, Muggle Studies, indoor Quidditch, Sweet Shop, Gringott's Bank, photo opportunities, food, and an escape room.

Spectator Tickets - you just want to keep an eye on your witch or wizard as they attend the event.

Bring your extra muggle money to purchase treats, gifts and speciality items, or sign up to attend our Escape room.